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Create healthier working lives

Work Ready is the answer to your workplace health and nutrition needs

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How it works

Personalised nutrition plans

Work Ready dietitians use their nutrition expertise to revolutionise your workplace

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Tailored for you

Sector-specific strategy

A unique approach to each type of workforce ensures your needs are met

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Are you Work Ready?

BDA Work Ready is a dietitian-led wellness programme with a national network of accredited dietitians. We design and deliver nutrition programmes to help people stay healthy at work.

Identification of need by BDA

Do you skip lunch when you are at work?

Always 8%
Sometimes 54%
Never 38%

Do you skip lunch at work?

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Try to make time for a lunch break!


It’s a good opportunity to rehydrate and refuel, plus get some activity and fresh air. Never miss a break again – print and personalise your lunch-break desk sign now.

Working with you

Our dietitians will build evaluation into any intervention from a one off workshop to a full needs assessment.

Increase employee engagement

Employees included in the 2016 Financial Times Health at Work report identified access to a dietitian or nutritionist as having the highest potential health improvement rate. Show your employees you care.

Fully flexible approach

We have designed BDA Work Ready to be flexible so you can select any of the services to suit your needs. What’s more, they’re mapped to all the key healthy workplace awards.