BDA Work Ready supports Nutrition & Hydration Week

Today is #ThirstyThursday in this year’s Nutrition and Hydration Week which aims to highlight and promote the benefits of good hydration. Work Ready have had a focus recently on how good hydration can have a positive impact in the work place.

A poll on hydration conducted by the British Dietetics Association, asked workers if they were able to drink healthy fluids (i.e. water, milk, tea, coffee) regularly at work? The survey showed that a shocking 7% of people are NEVER able to drink healthy fluids regularly at work and 30% are only sometimes able to do so.

Keeping well hydrated improves how we function and perform. Symptoms of mild dehydration can include headache, thirst, and it can even affect how we feel and think. Mild dehydration is also associated with impaired concentration, poor decision making, reduced skill and accuracy, irritability and tiredness, and can be worsened in warm environments. As such, maintaining good hydration can contribute towards wellbeing, productivity and positivity in the workplace.

Top Tips

Fluid recommendations state we should aim for at least 6-8 large (250ml) mugs or glasses per day – more if it’s hot, dry or you are very active.

Ensuring that you drink enough is important when at work – over an eight hour working day we should be aiming to consume around half our daily requirement of fluid i.e. at least 3-4 mugs or glasses.

Try to take regular drink breaks and keep a reusable drink bottle handy to refill with tap water.

In the workplace, water is an ideal fluid but coffee, tea, herbal tea, lower-fat milk and low-sugar versions of drinks such as low-sugar flavoured waters are great too.

The BDA Work Ready programme has developed a new hydration toolkit for organisations providing the resources to champion and promote hydration around the workplace. The toolkit includes the following resources:

  • Hydration Champion Manual
  • 30x Pee Charts
  • 100x Coasters

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