Celebrating Work Ready’s Women

It’s international women’s day and we wanted to celebrate the leaders behind Work Ready all being Women! And also let you know how we can support Women’s health in the work place.

Meet Jo and Emma

Jo Lewis Work Ready project lead
Project Lead

Jo Lewis is the creator of the BDA Work Ready programme and Project Lead. The programme launched back in 2015 and she was right there developing the programme concept, researching and developing a sustainable business model and brand. Since then Work Ready have trained more than 100 dietitians in workplace health, with a national network of accredited Work Ready dietitians (both men and women) now in place.

Programme Coordinator

Emma Lanza joined the team during Covid, not only virtually, but also contending with the challenge of returning to work as a breast-feeding mother straight out of maternity leave, so knows all too well the unique challenges women face in the work place and social pressures to ‘bounce back’. As Programme Coordinator she’s behind the social accounts and website and works with clients to help deliver their Work Ready projects.

Meet the Work Ready Steering Group

Along with Emma and Jo the Work Ready Steering group is made up with some of our BDA Work Ready accredited dietitians. We meet as a team regularly to explore new ways of providing workplace nutritional support and information.

Sue Baic

Sue Baic
Sue is a freelance dietitian with expertise in workplace health.

Megan Whelan dietitian

Megan Whelan
Megan runs an in-house nutrition programme in the financial services industry.

Alison Clark dietitian

Alison Clark
Alison runs her own business, ACHN, dedicated to nutrition in workplace settings.

Work Ready Resources for women

Choosing the right food and drink can help women to manage their changing life stages as well as helping to promote long term health. Work Ready have a work shop – now delivered as an online webinar – and fact sheets focusing on women’s health and nutrition.

Other resources

The BDA have some great fact sheets on a variety of women’s health topics for you to read online including:

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