Confused about healthy snacking?

In today’s Daily Mail, accredited BDA Work Ready dietitian Sue Baic talked about how not to overdo it with snacks while we work. BDA Work Ready found that snacking is an ingrained habit in the UK with 3/4 of adults who snack doing so at least once a day. It can be a great chance to top up on good nutrition and maintain energy levels, but the survey in the story today shows that some workers don’t feel good about ‘giving into snack temptation’.

The workplace reflects society in terms of gender, income and ethnicity so ‘we are what we eat’ holds especially true in an organisation. That means small changes in culture and custom can support behaviour change and healthier practices, and foster a positive attitude towards food.

By working with groups, our national network of dietitians are able to create a space for employees to discuss the issues in their workplace which they feel impact on their goals for healthier eating. These groups can then use our custom tools to discuss the changes they’d like to make – whether it’s having one ‘decaf’ tea round a day or keeping birthday treats tucked away in the kitchen.

As well as Sue’s tips for balancing a working day – starting with breakfast and making sure not to skip lunch – our ‘Eat Well Feel Well’ worksheet is a great tool to help individuals keep track of their habits and start to decide which changes they would like to make to support their longterm health. It’s often easier to stick to shared goals, so if you’d like to book one of our workshop sessions for your team get in touch by calling 0121 2008080 or email

(Image courtesy of the Canadian Obesity Network)

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