Doing Wellbeing Well

This report by The Economist Intelligence Unit (2018) examines the extent global multinational companies are adopting interventions with monitoring and evaluation measures to check effectiveness and participation in health and wellbeing programmes.

Their results include findings that both employers and workers value health and wellbeing programmes.

However, ‘health and wellbeing programmes should pay greater attention to the perspectives of employees’ is a key finding. Although wellbeing experts concur that tailoring programmes to employees needs is vital for both the participation and success of the intervention, Human Resources (HR) executives implement this poorly and do not give it the importance it deserves. The BDA Work Ready programme has a variety of levels of needs assessments to support employers in developing appropriately tailored and bespoke programmes for industry.

Likewise monitoring and evaluation methods were found to need improvement through the involvement of employees. Although HR executives believe employee feedback about what is ‘working well and what could be done better’ is important, this is not always happening in practice. Monitoring and evaluation measures regarding reach and impact are a key part of the BDA Work Ready programme. These are discussed and agreed upon before any programme implementation takes place.

Other interesting facts from the report, which are consolidated by the BDA Work Ready ethos, are:

  • Senior executives lead by example and should be fully involved- this could be on an individual basis or by ensuring a supportive organisational culture of health and wellbeing.
  • Communication about programmes internally within companies needs improvement to effectively reach all staff and encourage them to participate- BDA Work Ready encourages communication teams to feature the impact of programmes on actual staff members and encourages them to ‘tell their story’.

Overall the report concludes that employees need to be involved in any health and wellbeing programme at all points – from design to implementation to evaluation. One executive states ‘A programme is only as good as the engagement it attracts, so it is important to find out what employees actually want and how they want it communicated. And once in place, it is important to keep refreshing and reviewing the programme to ensure it continues to meet ever-evolving staff needs ‘.

The BDA Work Ready Programme fulfils all these requirements through its circular structure with employee led-needs assessments and Workplace Champion schemes encouraging healthy nutrition and hydration. It measures and reports change and assesses progress to ensure a programme of continuous improvement that can benefit both the employees and organisation.

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