Healthier Vending – new ‘Better Choices’ criteria

Vending can be an essential element in supporting food and drink provision for shift workers, as well as providing options for all staff members in an organisation. Additionally, it supplies easy access to food and drink products in public settings such as leisure centres, airports and stations – in fact anywhere – either as the sole provider of products or to complement other catering services.

The nutritional quality of food and beverage products sold in vending machines, however, has been implicated as a contributing factor to the development of an obesogenic food environment and has been identified as having scope for improvement.  As a result there is increasing emphasis on ‘healthier vending’ driven by government, health bodies and the companies and organisations that purchase vending services.

BDA Work Ready has provided expertise to the vending industry and its customers to assist them in making healthier food and beverage choices. This new report ‘Healthier Vending – Criteria for Better Choice and Healthy Choice products‘ is available from today, and members of the Automated Vending Association (AVA) are being offered a tailored summary to put the criteria into practice.

Several national standards exist for vending and this document provides a roadmap through these standards for operators who are being asked to implement them. However, the vending industry and their customers have expressed an interest in a mixed offering which highlights ‘Better Choices’ in settings where standards do not apply and no other behaviour change strategies are in place.

The BDA Work Ready ‘Better Choice’ criteria offer a starting place for the industry and its suppliers with easy to apply nutritional information. Organisations seeking a dietitian to assist them with implementing the criteria can contact the Work Ready team



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