How it works

Your Work Ready dietitian will visit your organisation and find out what you need. They will work with your existing team and devise, set-up and run a tailor-made Work Ready programme.

You already know that you want Work Ready in your workplace. To see how it works, just click on each stage of the cycle below. You can also read, download and share the How it works leaflet.

The key to Work Ready

There are some crucial elements to ensure your Work Ready programme delivers what you want. Based on the most up-to-date evidence, these tactics give your workers the best shot at being ‘work ready’:

  • employees are involved in planning and delivery
  • senior management is┬áconsulted and committed
  • a multi-level approach
  • electronic methods are more effective when coupled with face-to-face contact
  • combining exercise and healthy eating is the most effective in managing weight
  • a mixture of different types of activity is more successful
  • Work Ready dietitians use behaviour change strategies to help people┬ámake the best choices

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