Why occupational health? New campaign from FOM

The campaign from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine wants us to increase the understanding across all health professionals around why it’s important to understand the relationship between health and work.

Stable employment is important to good health and employment can be seen as a health outcome in and of itself. I wonder how many healthcare professionals include this as part of their measures and progress updates with clients? Do dietitians report on how their interventions are supporting a client to return to work when writing to GPs for example?

BDA Work Ready is primarily a preventative programme but our white paper argues that obesity is a risk factor for exit from paid employment (due to it’s links with other long term conditions).

Workplaces are where lots of people spend most of their working age life, meaning workplaces are powerful environments where we can positively influence health for the benefit of individuals, businesses and national prosperity. Being out of work is detrimental to health and good management of long term conditions can make a real difference to narrowing the health equalities gap. If employers are offering suitable support and keeping people in work then it’s a win for them – and a win for the employee.

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