Virtual Food Demos

Food demos are now available as webinar demonstrations in light of the COVID-19 advice. Organisations will be required to host sessions through their own video conferencing software.

Our nutrition experts work with groups of employees in all workplace settings from snacking desk workers to on the go construction workers. We live in a snacking culture and snacks are an important part of a worker’s day to keep the brain engaged. To be healthy it doesn’t have to be boring.

Work Ready dietitians are the gurus of food and love to share healthy and exciting ways to get your daily dose of nutrients!

Our very own Work Ready Dietitian featured on the BBC Good Food Show Live in the Summer Kitchen, supported by Chris Bavin, TV presenter.

When asked to create ‘Good Mood Food’ snacks, I wanted to demonstrate to the benefits of regular intake of slow-release, wholegrain carbohydrates on preventing feelings of hunger and low mood – otherwise known as being ‘hangry’! I chose 3 recipes using energising wholegrain oatcakes with different satisfying, delicious toppings.”

Sophie Classens, Work Ready Dietitian
Full article available:


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