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Our workshops are now available as webinars in light of the COVID-19 advice. Organisations will be required to host workshops through their own video conferencing software.

We all have good days and bad days but what we eat and when we eat can influence our mood, energy levels, concentration and even how we deal with stress at work.

Our workshops start with a myth busting quiz and give tips on food groups and meal times which support better nutrition, moving more and stress management for healthier working lives.

With a PDF factsheet for all attendees to identify and embed small changes for your personal lifestyle, this is a comprehensive – and fun – intervention for employee wellbeing.

Workshop topics include:

Workshops can be adapted to suit your organisational requirements. Please specify when contacting the team on the enquiry form below.


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    Claire, Head of Strategic Projects Office, higher education:

    “The Work Ready dietitian ran three very successful nutrition group sessions for my team, helping us to think about what we eat and how we can improve our diets and lifestyle.

    “The evidence-based information was delivered in a fun and accessible way and my team really learnt a lot.

    “I saw long-term changes that benefited not just the individuals, but also the service we were offering with healthier staff performing more effectively.”