Top tips for avoiding sugary drinks at work

Blog written by Work Ready dietitian Elaine Anderson

There has been plenty in the media about sugary drinks and our health recently. We do know that large amounts of sugary drinks can lead to weight gain.

We also know that drinking a large amount of these drinks during the working day can lead to spikes in blood sugars which gives a temporary energy burst but can lead to dips in energy levels leading to fatigue, reduced productivity and lack of concentration. This can also affect our mood.

Top tips for you in the workplace:

  • If you don’t like water, try with a slice of lemon and lime
  • Fill a bottle to keep on your desk, in your car or wherever you work
  • If you do need a sugary drink, try the low or no sugar variants such as: flavoured water
  • Herbal and fruit teas count as fluid as do normal tea/coffee but be aware of the caffeine content in these
  • Skimmed or semi skimmed milk can be a satisfying alternative as can milk alternatives e.g. oat, almond or soy milks (again opting for the unsweetened where possible)
  • Fruit juice or smoothies can also count as one of your 5-a-day however it is recommended to have only 150mls per day.

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