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We have done our research, created this great product, and we know that Work Ready works. But don’t just take our word for it! Read on for recommendations from employers and staff who have worked with our dietitians on wellbeing initiatives in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Be inspired!

Team Seminar

“We all found that discussion on the sugar content of foods very useful and we feel better informed.

“You’re amazing!

“We will be bothering you again.”

Facilities Department, British Dental Association

Business woman

“The Work Ready dietitian ran three very successful nutrition group sessions for my team, helping us to think about what we eat and how we can improve our diets and lifestyle.

“The evidence-based information was delivered in a fun and accessible way and my team really learnt a lot.

“I saw long-term changes that benefited not just the individuals, but also the service we were offering with healthier staff performing more effectively.”

Claire, Head of Strategic Projects Office, higher education


“The nutrition group sessions on healthy workplace eating, run by a dietitian, were really helpful for our staff including prison officers.

“Evaluations showed those who took part found them practical, fun and informative with a high proportion saying they intended to make positive changes to their diets after the sessions.

“The follow-up evaluations showed they were good for team-building, changed the way people thought about food and helped them take simple steps to improve their health and wellbeing at work.”

Mark, Decency Implementation Lead, Prison and Probation Service

Confident female worker

“The session really benefited our employees who were keen to learn how to improve their energy levels.

“Unlike previous nutrition seminars, where one is told ‘what’ to eat (more of this and less of that), the session was much more focused on ‘how’ and ‘why’ which resulted in better understanding and also showed how easy it is to make simple lifestyle changes that bring huge benefit.”

Funmi, HR Director, utilities sector

Male worker

“I found it very helpful to have all the advice drawn together as you normally pick bits up in dribs and drabs. The full picture is very persuasive and makes me want to do something about it.

“I know from what others have said that they really valued the session too. The dietitian managed to pack a great deal of information into a limited time … she did it in a very energetic and engaging way that kept everyone interested throughout!”

Farid, warehouse operative, retail sector

Mature female worker“I began the programme as I seemed to have been dieting continually for over three years. Though I was only a little overweight, I wanted to lose about a stone so that I would feel more comfortable and to-date I have pretty much achieved my goal.

“The dietitian helped me to focus on my eating, and I realised that there wasn’t too much that I really needed to change, just do all those ‘treats’ I have in moderation. I never had to cut anything out altogether, just have less of it. Not too difficult really, but you need somebody to say it to you to make it sink in and I’m feeling really good right now!”

Kim, office worker, transport sector

Mature male worker“The workshop was not just informative but practical as well.

“It is one of the rare presentations that employees have attended where they all participated in the event and took some positive thoughts away from it.”

Henri, Wellbeing Lead, financial services sector



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